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Getting stationed in Hawaii..questions!

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Printed on: 05/24/2015


Topic author: smarie88
Subject: Getting stationed in Hawaii..questions!
Posted on: 02/04/2011 14:55:11

My husband just found out we are getting stationed in Hawaii! I'm very excited!! But have so many questions now...please ladies if you have any answers help! :)
Will we be able to bring our dog with us? (Yorkie)
Will we get to take our car with us? (Just bought in November)
Is furniture super expensive there? Because if not I can buy it before since I heard they are moving my stuff.

I'm super lost on housing...cannot find apartments near there.
Oh and not to mention that his school ends Feb. not much time to figure it all out. haha

Thanks in advance for the help! This Marine wife is confused!!



Reply author: NavyChiefMike
Replied on: 02/07/2011 20:15:50

- Your dog can come, but it help immensely to complete all the Quarantine requirements in advance. (A Google search for "Hawaii dog quarantine", linking to any site option, should answer those questions). Get started on that research now, since some items have a long lead time, and you might have to go the alternate route of keeping him in Quarantine upon arrival.

- Cars can be shipped (at government expense, part of his orders). Shipping time depends on where the car is dropped off - this will be coordinated with his Personnel office when he begins filing his transfer paperwork.

- On-base family housing is available. Off-base is in the general area (look around "Kaneohe" or "Kailua"). BAH is significant because housing costs (and everything else) are significant out here. You'll also receive a COLA (Cost of Living Allowance), which will be a few hundred dollars (depending on his rank). On-base Exchanges are more reasonably priced than off-base stores. You'll have the Marine Corps Exchange at K'Bay, and the huge Navy Exchange in Pearl Harbor. Plus options at the various Navy & Air Force bases.

Reply author: NavyChiefMike
Replied on: 02/07/2011 20:21:41

Oh... And even as a student, he should be assigned a Sponsor from his new unit in Hawaii, which should be a married Marine. Once that assignment is made, contact info will be exchanged, and then you'll have a wife who's been in the same situation, to help answer your questions and provide info.

Reply author: smarie88
Replied on: 02/09/2011 21:53:07

Thank you so much! Very helpful info! I have been looking at the quarantine and very sad that it will be 120 days before he can come to Hawaii. :(

I didn't realize we got COLA so that is definitely helpful!

He is supposed to get in touch with TMO tomorrow so that will take care of moving our stuff over there.

Another question-he is getting an overseas screening done and we're not sure if I have to get one also. I've heard yes and no.

Again, thank you so much! :)

Reply author: car012906
Replied on: 02/10/2011 21:19:36

dont know much about hawaii but the navy exchange is AMAZING!!! biggest navy exchange in the world last i checked. and for vehicles you can take one the others you have to pay for... at least thats how it is for japan not sure about hawaii.

Reply author: ~wimom123
Replied on: 02/10/2011 23:39:52

Shanna: Have you taken a look at the MCB Hawaii topic on the Bases & Stations forum? I'm sure that the members there will be able to answer many of your questions.

Reply author: 4everproud
Replied on: 02/11/2011 04:25:34

i'm not sure if the same requirements go for hawaii as they do for overseas duty stations but i know that before i was able to come live with my marine in japan, i had to get an overseas screening thru the regular doctor, dentist, and gyno.
also about your dog, i brought our 60 lb. boxer over to japan with me and after she had all her shots up to date and had the FAVN test done, she was able to complete the remainder of her quarantine time in our on-base housing in japan. not sure if that is the same for hawaii but i would imagine it to be similar since japan is also a rabies-free area.

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